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Posted by Juergen Ladrick on

I am listening, my dear

Again, she is talking and talking. The sound of her voice is floating between my ears but my head doesn’t know what to do with it.
I am not listing to her. I cant and why should I? Every time the same. Complaining about fucking unimportant things, I did or I didn’t do.
Her mouth is opening and closing, the tongue is jumping between her words.
Oh my god, she is looking so beautiful. I wanna put my cock in her lips surrounded hole.
I can’t stop picturing her, sucking my dick heavily, driving the tongue along the shaft. I am pressing my hips against her face. My cock slides deeper into her throat making a choking sound. She is fighting for air. Now I am listening, babe. She grabs my balls, squeezing them while sucking me hard. It hurts so well. She is sucking so deep and dark tears, mixed from her makeup, running from her cheeks. I close my eyes, I am almost there. I imagine her beautiful face and feel the warm wet hole. The heat is coming, I am grunting, loud moaning. Yes my dear, yes, like that. She stops. Grabbing my cock hard and asking me, who is the queen?
What the fuck? Is she crazy? Now?
Who is the queen, she is asking again. I wanna cum, so badly. You are, you are, I am answering.
What I am? You are the queen!
I am begging, you are.
She is looking at me, her eyes are flashing. I never noticed these colors in her eyes. She is a witch. To the same time, she is forming an O with her mouth, using her tongue to deploy saliva on my cock and he is gliding up and down between her red lips.
Both hands reach for her silken hair, holding it and her head bounces off my dick. I am using the very deepest part of her throat…sucking, I am screaming Yes Yeeeeees.
She is looking at me and asking what?
I stutter the answer “hmmm nothing, my dear”.
She continues complaining…bla bla bla.