The Jive

I remember being alone almost all the time of my life. Not alone physically, I mean mentally. Different, melancholic, seeking for the sadness. Sitting in the darkness, the only light is a flickering candle and a song playing in the background.
Music has the power to revive memories or in my case feelings. With these feelings, I remind to be hidden and deep in myself. Vanished from any other eyes. Not sure if there is any person in the world that knows me who I really am. To see me, you have to look me deep in the eyes. If you want to find me, see behind them, dive into the black sorrow, chained to my head. 

I took a deep breath from the blunt. The warmth of the embers moved to my lips. As I exhaled I thought, enough of Jive tonight, closed my eyes and went on a journey.

May 2019

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