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Posted by Juergen Ladrick on

The Jive

I remember being alone almost all the time of my life. Not physically alone, I mean mentally. Different, melancholic and often seeking for the sadness. Sitting in the darkness, candlelight is throwing flickering shadows on the walls and a song is playing in the background.
Music has the power to revive memories or in my case feelings. With these feelings, I remind to be hidden and deep in myself. Vanished from any eyes. Not sure if there is any person in the world that knows who I really am. Look me deep in the eyes, see behind them. Dive into my black sorrow that is chained to my soul if you want to find me.

I take a deep breath from the blunt. The warmth of the embers moves from my lips to my lungs. As I exhale I think, enough of Jive tonight. I close my eyes and all my thoughts are disappearing.

May 2019